How to brew coffee with the AeroPress

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Using the AeroPress is such a good way of brewing amazing coffee at home. The AeroPress creates a wonderful rich flavoured coffee with lovely acidity but minimal bitterness; all of this is done within two minutes as well; AMAZING! This method is a form of total immersion brewing, meaning that there is a uniform extraction of the coffee during the brewing process. The AeroPress eliminates issues found in drip coffee methods, where water is dripped over the centre of the grounds, creating and over extraction of the coffee in the centre of the filter and leaving the grounds at the edges of the filter under extracted. The extraction of coffee during the brewing process is vitally important, over or under extracted coffee really affects the way that your cup of coffee will taste; this really is where the AeroPress excels, as it is so easy to to make a perfect cup of coffee at home that is extracted evenly! All that you need get right is the temperature of water, the water to coffee ratio, the ground size and the brew time; all this information can be found here ‘What Makes a Great Coffee? . Another brilliant aspect of the AeroPress is that is is so cheap! For the quality of coffee that you get when using an AeroPress, the price is just unbelievable! It is so durable as well, so once you you have bought one you will have it for life! I really do urge you to buy an AeroPress as it will completely change hoe you make coffee at home!

I thought it would be really fun making videos for the brewing methods that I will show you as it may be easier watching how to use the AeroPress (and the other brewing methods ) instead of just reading a list of instructions which can be quite confusing and not really helpful to be honest! So, here it is, a video demonstration of how to use an AeroPress, I hope you like it :):

I hope you liked the video; if you would like me to post a step by step instruction of how to use the AeroPress then just let me know.

Thank you 🙂